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Creating a City of opportunity and aspiration, which celebrates and supports its diverse and ambitious citizens. | Alison Cork, running for Conservative candidate for London Mayor 2020.

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Meet Alison

Read by millions every week, and frequently on TV and Radio, entrepreneur Alison Cork has over the past 20 years built up a home interiors group encompassing publishing, online retail site Alison at Home, design, licensing and TV shopping.

A champion of female entrepreneurs, in 2017 Alison founded The National Women’s Enterprise Network and Make It Your Business, with the aim of supporting and encouraging women throughout the UK to start their own business.

A passionate supporter of enterprise and business, Alison has also had a lifelong interest in heritage, culture and the environment. Alison lives in central London with her husband and two sons.

“I’m very proud to announce that I have decided to stand for Conservative Candidate for London Mayor 2020.
I’m a Londoner born and bred. As a self-made entrepreneur I believe in opportunity for all, and I’d like to see a London which encourages and supports its citizens to fulfil their potential in life. To do that we need a City which works for all.

As Mayor, I would aim to halve crime and double housing – I believe it is a fundamental right that we should feel safe on our streets and have a roof over our heads. I would harness the latest technology to improve traffic and transport and reduce pollution. I would want our children to have the best possible start in life with a rounded, quality education. Crucially, I would work to make London the best City in the world in which to do business.

This is your City. Let’s make it work for you”.


“London faces unprecedented levels of crime, shortage of housing, transport and environmental issues and of course, the question around how we position ourselves as a City for business post Brexit.

It’s a tough challenge, but I do know that mountains can be moved if you approach challenges with a problem solving mentality, energy, creativity and a genuine desire to get things right.

London is a symbol of hope and aspiration for so many people from all over the world. Now let’s match the reality with the expectation.”


Alison has set out to effect positive change in the opportunities open to aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women, and to break down some of the barriers currently still facing them she founded Make It Your Business in 2017.

She also sits on the Business Advisory Council, set up by the Conservatives to foster an environment of support for SME’s.

“2.4 million Londoners work in small businesses. I want to help them succeed and to champion London as a City always open for business”.



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